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5 Big Causes of Failure in Your Email Marketing Campaign


Why did your email marketing campaign fail? You can think of various reasons for your failure in email marketing. But, there are 5 big causes of failure in your email marketing campaign that you should avoid. Here they are:

1. Your subscribers don’t get your message

Sometimes, your email marketing simply fails because your subscribers never read your email. How can you expect results with your email marketing if no one reads your email? Yes, this phenomenon is common. There are two basic reasons why your subscribers don’t read your email:

– Your email title is not appealing.
– Your email gets filtered into the junk folder.

If your email is not appealing at all, your subscribers may choose to skip it and move on to another email in their inbox. So, you need to make sure that your title is inviting your subscribers to read your email content.

If your email gets filtered into the junk folder, recheck the content of your email. Did you include spam words such as FREE, Limited Time Only, Big Discounts, and other spammy words? Does your email look like spam? Be sure to give real content in your email and avoid sending full advertisement emails to your subscribers.

2. You are inconsistent

If you are sending your email message inconsistently, it will eventually affect your response rate. To make sure that your email message is getting read, be consistent with your sending frequency so that your subscribers can expect your message to come to their inboxes.

3. Your subscribers are bored with you

If you send an email that contains the same information as your previous email, and you are doing this over and over, your subscribers might get bored quickly with your email. They will naturally avoid reading your next email, and eventually, you will drastically drop your response rate. To avoid boredom, be sure to give something new to your subscribers, such as new information, new tips, and new free stuff.

4. You fail to deliver value to your subscribers

Do you write only teasers in your email? Are you using your email only to hook your subscribers to your landing page or your blog? This is a wrong approach. Although this approach can help you to boost your sales if you use it occasionally, you can’t expect your subscribers to stick with you if you send teaser emails too frequently. If you want to succeed with your email marketing campaign, delivering value to your subscribers must be your first priority. Remember that content is still king even in your email marketing campaign.

5. Your email is difficult to read

The last cause of failure in your email marketing campaign is that your email is difficult to read. First of all, you should know that your subscribers don’t like to read anything too difficult to comprehend. So, if you are giving technical and complicated information to your subscribers, you can expect them to eventually discard your email. Give your subscribers information that is easy to read, easy to remember, and easy to apply. Email that is too lengthy will also be considered difficult to read.

If you think that your email marketing campaign is failing, think about how you deliver emails to your subscribers. Did you do the things that cause failure in your campaign? If so, it’s time to improve your email campaign and make it better by avoiding the 5 big causes of failure in your email marketing campaign.

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