Choosing The Right Social Media Agency For Your Business

Choosing The Right Social Media Agency For Your Business

Getting a social media agency can be one of the most rewarding achievements in your business development, but there are a few things we should consider when finding the right dudes (or dudettes) for the job. Taking these steps early on can help your digital ventures and stop wasting time online, so develop your goals and direction with these easy steps!

Communicate your business

It’s great you run your business like clockwork, but your social media colleagues have no idea how you run your business. They don’t know what you are about or your values. Take the time to educate your social media agency on what your business does, what its key differences are with competitors, and what your customers are like. Mutual understanding is the first step.

Trust is a major virtue

Trust the expertise and knowledge of your digital agency. We are in digital marketing because we know its the future and our job is to bring your business into a new digital age. Let us do that and sometimes have trust in our occasionally wacky ideas. When you start achieving your goals, it will make sense and won’t seem wacky at all.

Be involved.

Let your agency know about your expectations. If you want 2000 likes on your Facebook page, examine it, why is that your goal? What you will get from that? Ultimately likes don’t usually translate into sales unless there’s something driving it. Let us know what you hope to achieve online, sometimes simply getting ‘likes’ isn’t enough.

Look at existing work.

Take a look at the work that your social media agency has already done, is there something similar that you think would work for your business? If so, let them know! Open and honest communications get the best results.

Know what you want to achieve.

This may seem obvious, but it’s stunning how frequently we’re approached by clients who know they should be ‘doing stuff’ online but have no idea what that ‘stuff’ should be. Think about the real-world business difference we can make; get more qualified leads, make more sales, build a customer database, curate your own blog or content, and build a community. Pick one and plan for how you’re going to achieve it. Think about where you are now and what you want to achieve in say, one year, and how will digital marketing and social media support this goal.

Decide your milestones and be SMART about it.

Make sure your goals are on track by creating a timeline with some milestones. For example, your overall goal is more sales leads for your business, and use the SMART mantra to frame the objective. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

An example of a SMART objective would be: to have a minimum of 5 extra qualified leads per week from social media channels by the end of March 2013. Then you may want to develop that into something more, say ‘5 qualified leads through social media channels with a 60% conversion rate into sales by July 2013’

Setting milestones lets you know if you need to adjust your tactics to help you achieve your goals. It will push your social media activities toward real-world goals and help you squeeze every dollar spent on your social media agency.

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