Is Security On Your Building Site Tight Enough?


Running a building site, no matter the project’s scale usually involves some threat from trespassers. Whether you are concerned about people stealing your equipment, vandalizing the building you are putting up before it is even finished and giving you extra work to do, or even just kids coming in to play on what could be quite a dangerous site, trespassers are a worry. There are quite a lot of things you can do to keep your site secure, however, these all come at a financial cost. So it is essential to weigh up how serious the risk is, what impact trespass could have on your project, and what a financially viable security solution might be. Here are some of your options:


Security Personnel


Security personel

Probably the very best way to prevent crime and trespass on your building site is to have the site manned at all times. Because it is unlikely you’ll have people working on the project round the clock, this will usually mean hiring security guards to work when the site is closed at night or for the weekend. This tends to be one of the most expensive security measures because you need to hire and pay people, but it will be provided they do a good job, pretty much guarantee you don’t have to worry about having expensive gear stolen, structures vandalized or having people trespass on your site, get injured and sue you! Security guards are usually hired through security agencies, and so if you think this is the route you want to go down it is best to talk to local security agencies and work out a deal. Remember too that a security guard is going to need a place to work and may need light to do their work effectively.


Lights and Cameras


security cameras

Security lights are a great thing to have in place because most trespassers will be deterred from coming any closer if lights come on when they approach. Cameras are also a good deterrent, and will also help you if you need to catch a criminal if somebody does come and do some damage or steal something from your site. While security lights and cameras are inexpensive and easy to come by, one of the main problems with both of these measures is that many sites don’t have power to them at the early stages of a building project. This means you may need generators to power your business security camera system or your security lighting. It is possible also to use battery-powered wireless security cameras which transmit data to a computer, and you can get these with night vision enabled, so if you don’t want to worry about electricity on site this can be a good idea – though you will need to find somewhere to charge them regularly.

Tightening up your site’s security may add to your budget a little, but it can strongly counteract the risk of any negative impact on your project by theft, vandalism, or other malicious trespasses. It will also prevent any curious people or kids from coming onto your site and getting hurt, as well as the subsequent lawsuits that can occur in this kind of situation!


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